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Adriane Little



Literature is riddled with dead or otherwise missing mothers.  Virginia Woolf’s life and writing were partly, yet significantly guided by the death of her mother when Woolf was just 13-years-old. This loss reappears across her novels.  As an artist, I am interested in studying both her writing and her as a woman who experienced this early and profound loss. 

Flush is the third novel of Woolf’s that I have used for inspiration. Flush responds to Woolf’s novel of the same name. The novel is a cross between fact and fiction or the biography and adventures of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s adopted cocker spaniel named Flush.  Woolf’s own dog Pinka also inspired the writing.  The instant images used for this project were created from photographs taken while in St. Ives, Cornwall UK.  Woolf spent summers in St. Ives at the Talland House until her mother died in 1895. In the playful and nostalgic spirit of the book, I selected Impossible Project instant film for this project.

All images are 3.5" x 4.2" Impossible Project Instant Images



















Adriane Little