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Adriane Little


Between the Acts - Project in Proress

Between the Acts is Virginia Woolf’s last novel that was published after her death in 1941.  For the first text and image experiment for Between the Acts, I conceptually return to the water of the River Ouse in Southease, East Sussex, UK.  In 1941, Woolf filled her pockets with rocks, walked out into this same river in nearly the same spot that I stood and drowned herself. The images used for this experiment were taken of this river in fall 2015 while working on other projects in this body of work; Virginia Woolf Was Here.  By opening the images in the text edit program, I am able to paste text from Between the Acts into the coding of the image.  In doing so, the image is shifted and otherwise distorted.


The Death of the Moth - In Progress

Adriane Little